Online Outsourcing

If you find yourself working for 14 hours a day, weekends included, yet there’s so much more you want to do as your profits depend on your production rate, then chances are, you’d really love what we will discuss in this article.

How does improving your production while spending less hours of work sound to you?

Fantastic, right?

This is possible through outsourcing, and more and more internet marketers are quickly realizing the value of this option in increasing their bottom line earnings. Case in point: have you noticed the proliferation of PLR websites these days? There are a lot of membership websites offering 100, 300 and even 1,000 articles per month, not counting the multitude of PLR bonuses they include, like eBooks, special reports and suppletory graphics. Most of these membership websites are owned and operated by one person. Now how can such a person write all those materials within 30 days?

Alas, this is the secret that quite a number of internet marketers have held on to until 2003.

It’s called outsourcing.

Outsourcing is defined as the hiring of third party service to fulfill some of the needs of your business. These services vary. They can be in the form of writing, programming, graphic arts, web design, consultancy, help desk management, and the likes. You can even outsource the everyday functions of your online office to a digital secretary, if you wish.

Outsourcing has outstanding benefits:

– You can accomplish more in less time. Profit always depends on your productivity rate. By hiring people to help you “produce,” you’ll be able to grab every opportunity that comes your way. Whereas you may have turned down some of these opportunities before because your workload cannot accommodate them, you won’t have to do so anymore since you can always hire people to help you out.

– You can earn more. Since you’ll be producing more within a certain period of time, your profit level is sure to soar.

– You can rest more. You can say goodbye to those 14 hour workdays that even consume your weekends most of the time. In fact, you can choose to rest most of the time, and simply study the works submitted by the people you have chosen for the job.

It goes without saying that being successful with outsourcing entails finding the right freelancer for the work you’re planning to delegate. Finding freelancers is quite easy. There are a lot of people looking for work in the World Wide Web. You can simply post an ad in a well visited classifieds website like or you can choose to open a project request and accept bids from freelancers through the services of websites like , , , .

But even if you try out these channels, you’re not guaranteed about the quality of the work that will be accomplished by the freelancers you will choose.

Much of the assurance you’ll need can be derived even before you hire their services, by practicing some basic due diligence:

– Study their credentials. Demand that you see their portfolio, or at the very least, a sample of their previous work. Then determine if such quality is right for your needs.

– Often, you’ll get what you will pay for, so never make the going rate your primary consideration. It is a factor, of course. It’s just not the foremost factor that should help you decide.

– Ensure that your interests are protected by agreeing that all the rights to the works that will be submitted shall belong to you upon completion of the transaction.

– Always check that the works are original, and add a clause that the freelancer will indemnify you for damages that may be caused by submitted projects that will violate existing copyrights.

You will quickly discover that in order to make your business blossom into an empire, you will have to consider outsourcing.

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